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Deciphering Paily Emoji 

While every attempt to get scenes represented, a few adjustments were made due to lack of icons. Some scenes were just impossible. Seasons are in between { } and within each season a / is used to break up the scenes and/or episodes.

Everything is Rosewood timeline therefore the Alison and Paige flashback is first. The { } were used in this instance to separate it out from season 1.

The original Paily Emoji post



Lindsey Shaw confirmed in at least three of the first six episodes of season 5 of PLL.

I’m actually questioning this. It can’t be only because of the paily/emison exploration thing. Are they going to make her A?? hmm? but a dinner date? pretty please

Who knows with this show. I think it would be wrong on so many levels for her to be A. I could see her doing anything she can to find A and I personally would love if she is the one to figure out Alison is Uber A

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